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Practical Sailing Certificate, Monday
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Practical Sailing Training, Mondays – 1st Year (little or no sailing skills)

Nivå Bådelaug (NB) provides you a good start on sailing experience and education. You will be sailing as part of a team of 3-4 students and one instructor. The team sails once a week from the first week of May until the end of September. No training is planned during July due to holidays. This means that you can expect to participate in around 16 sailing trainings during the sailing season.

Our instructor will use both English and Danish as language during the training sessions.

The training will focus on development of the following skills:

Knowledge about the sailing ship including its rigging and equipment.

Commonly used knots.

Steering and manoeuvring. Hoisting, trimming and take down sails. Manoeuvring towards and leaving quay. Using compass and marks for steering. Training of man overboard situations.

Handling of the boat s safety equipment and engine (diesel engine or out board motor).

As an extension for the weekly training session we plan for a cruise during the summer and at the end of the sailing season – as sailing session at night-time: All students can participate.

You should expect one to three years of training before you are ready the examination.

It is not required that you pass the theoretical test before starting on the practical education. You could - as an example - take the training and test between year one and year two of the practical education.

At the end of sailing season student and the instructor will evaluate the student’s skill and determine if the student should sign up for the practical sailing certificate test.

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03.05.2021 kl. 18.00 - 20.09.2021 kl. 20.00
2400,00 kr.